Why Gospel Music Fail

Before we really get started in earnest, I feel the need to explain why we created this blog.

See, I love Gospel music in many of its various forms. I grew up on Andrae Crouch and James Cleveland. Was in a church group that sang some old Winans and Commissioned songs. Appreciated what Kirk Franklin, John P Kee, Fred Hammond and Ricky Dillard brought to the table. And now I keep people like Tye Tribbett, Cross Movement, Hillsong, Jason Upton, etc in my playlist.

So, this blog is not about the artists that are creating music that believers can listen that reminds them of God and his law, love, mercy, etc.

This blog is taking a look and bringing to light an all too common trend of taking what the world has created and simply creating a Christian alternative. If we are told in Romans 12:2 to not conform to the world, why then we are co-opting what they have made popular to make Christianity seem cool.

Since we serve the CREATOR...why not trust him to inspire us to create songs instead of stealing from the world.

Now, on this site, we will be posting many of the ridiculous "gospel music remixes" that litter YouTube. This is not intended to question anyone's relationship with Christ.

Have fun and enjoy!

Be Blessed!