Friday, February 26, 2010

Look Yourself - Eminem Remix (Lose Yourself)

We may have a winner for the biggest Gospel fail of all time. This is the prime example of taking someone else's inspiration and simply "Christifying" the lyrics. Rhyme scheme...dialect...everything. You could literally take this song and the 'em at the same time and no one could tell the difference.

People...we gotta do better! We serve an awesome Creator who wants to use us to communicate his message. Get with Him for inspiration, not Eminem...Dre...Lil' Wayne, etc.!

Christian Right Round - Flo Rida (Right Round)

Please...make it stop!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Foreverything - Drake ft Kanye West, Lil Waye, Eminem Remix (Forever)

It's bad enough that we can't access the creativity from the Creator to make something original...but do we REALLY need to imitate the voice and rhyme scheme of Lil Wayne as well?

Praise (Chopped and Screwed) - T-Pain remix

Auto-Tune must had a sale...'cuz ERRBODY is using it!  SMH...

I Got The Holy Swag On - Soulja Boy Remix (Turn My Swag On)

Complete with his rhyme book in hand, special video effects, and a...ummm...holy Bop?...I present to you...

Free Message/I Put On for my Jesus - Young Jeezy remix (I Put On)

WOW... Okay...Can we get some AutoBeat to go along with the AutoTune? Maybe then we can keep the rhyme on beat... But with lyrics like "Get crunk for J to the E to the S to the US praise him yeah, if you can't do pop and lock praise dance for God."


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

He's So Good - DJ Khaled Remix (I'm So Hood)

Lyric of the day... "Them Born againaz gonna walk it out...and you aint holy if you don't know what I'm talkin' bout." Again...!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

In The Church - 50 Cent Remix (In the Club)

Here we go again...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Hard Out Here For a Saint - Three 6 Mafia Remix (Hustle and Flow Soundtrack)

So many things wrong here...but what was up with the Afro wig?!?! WOW! Does anyone really think that simply "Christifying" lyrics is reaching the world and showing them the awesomeness of God? Nope, all it does is portray us as followers and copiers of the world! That's what makes it hard out here for a saint!

The Praises Don't Stop! - Notorious B.I.G. Remix

The praises don't stop...but PLEASE make this stop...please...pretty please...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Seek His Face - Kid Cudi/Kanye West Remix (Make Her Say)

First...gotta at least give them effort for trying to rap and including "medulla oblongata" in their lyrics. WOW!

Now as for the rest of this...ummm...yeah...SMH! Just a quick clue...Using lyrics like:
And bump them other people cuz they tryna get some honey
And bump them other people cuz they down for the fame
And bump them other poeple cuz they tryna play games
What were you REALLY trying or wanting to say...May not have been the intent, but when I first listened could have sworn you were droppin' "F" bombs instead of "bump"in ya go...

Gotta Ride for my God - Three 6 Mafia Remix (Stay Fly)

We actually get "blessed" with a few gems. Can we sue for false advertisement? The video says "Unique and Inspired" but taking what the world has created is neither unique or inspired. Aside from the Three 6 Mafia remake, we have a Lil' Wayne remix and a remix of Duffle Bag Boy. SMH...

I'm in love with my Savior - T-Pan remix (In love with a stripper)

Just on a hunch, I typed in the obvious Christian remix title and ...voila!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jesus Can Have Whatever He Likes - T.I. Remix (Whatever you like)

Was gonna give 'em a pass until we got to this lyric... "Stacks on Deck...Patron on Ice...We can POP prayers all night..." (around the 1:18 mark) And help me... at the end, did she say "Jesus is a hottie, love the way you drop it" ?!?!

Can't Believe It - T-Pain ft Lil' Wayne (christian remix)

Nope...I can't believe it either! Again...autotune...banned...NOW! the Creator to give you inspiration to create...stop stealing the devil's thunder!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crank Dat Holy Ghost - Soulja Boy Tellem remix

Please make it stop! Like for real?! Really?!? CRANK dat Holy Ghost!?!?!?!

Walk It Out (4 Jesus) - Christian Remix

I've got an idea... Let's take a perfect example of what is wrong with Hip-Hop today...mix it with what is wrong with wannabe Christian rap, stir...let it sit for a few days and voila!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Holy Impartation - Snoop Dogg Remix (Sensual Seduction)

I have no words...

Blame It (Holy Ghost) - Jamie Foxx and T-Pain Remix

First, we blamed it on the a-a-a-altar call. Now we blaming it on the H-h-h-holy Ghost! Fail!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day and Night - Kid Cudi Remix

A perfect example of simply taking a song a "Christifying" the lyrics.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Knocks You Down - Keri Hilson Remix

It's official...Auto-Tune needs to be banned! Call your congressman and your senator today. Using auto-tune should now be considered a class A felony!

Baby Got Book - Sir Mix-A-Lot Remix (Baby Got Back)

Okay...this is not truly a failure because it is INTENDED to be funny. Great Job!

Stronger - Kanye West Remix

I feel weak...

Umbrella - Rihanna Remix

Melody? What's that?
Rhythm? Don't need to stay with it!
Running words together to make it a really long sentence fit? Yep, we can do that!

Holy Ladies - Beyonce Remix (Single Ladies)

No comment....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Upon The Cross - Lil Wayne Remix (Lollipop)

STOP!!! Did he say Lil' Greasy or Lil' Crazy at the beginning? It is because of madness like this that I do what I do.

Christians In The Club - Usher Remix (Love in The Club)

Alright, here we go...complete with wanna be Jeezy rap verse. "Same black suit with the white ursher gloves on!" - Classic!!!

Blame It! – Remake of Jamie Foxx

Blame it on the Altar Call?!?! If you are responsible for this 4minute and 45 second life sucking and head shaking video.

RUN! Get to an altar now and repent.